Richelieu is a historical moated village built for Cardinal Richelieu Prime Minister of France in 1630's.
It was a planned village with its symmetrical squares and intersecting streets.
The elegant mansions with their large internal courtyards are hidden by large oak gates.
Place du Marche is the centre of the village with the stunning market hall, the magnificent church, mairie and the brasseries, bars and businesses looking onto the large open square and fountain.
Outside of the walled gate is the stunning 1000 acre parc and gardens of the now dismantled  Chateau.   
Tree lined avenues with red wooden bridges crossing the canals and open grassed fields provide a magnificient parkland for all to enjoy exploring its rose gardens, animals and  historical remains.
Cycling, swimming pool and  tennis courts, are all within the Chateau grounds walls.  A fishing lake is across the road.   Boules is played near the front gates.
There are numerous walking and bike trails around the region.  During summer, each village has a special day for a walk- raddonne.  Vide greniers (emptying the attic) is a big event for each village when everyone sets up a table to sell all their bits and pieces.  It is a festive day with bands, banquet and fireworks.
Always a treasure to be found.
Richelieu is in the heart of the chateaux and wine region.
Travelling in any direction will take you through picture postcard scenes of farmlands, fields of sunflowers, quaint
villages and  past majestic chateaux which dot the countryside.
The medieval village of Chinon with its towering fortress and famous wines is 20 kilometres away. 
Saumur, 60 kilometres from Richelieu with its chateau, vineyards and the famous Noir Cadre Horse Academy is
a lovely place to visit.
The famous gardens of Villandry and chateaux of Azay-de-Rideau, Amboise,Chenonceau and Blois are all within an hour's drive from the village.
This is not a place to rush.  Allow yourself the time to see and enjoy the amazing beauty and history that is everywhere.  This is a place that you will want to come back to.   
Richelieu offers a truly relaxing holiday for those who are escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.
It is all there just outside your big oak gates.   
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